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Welcome to A & E Sash Windows

Marble Surface

About Us

At A and E Sash Windows we have 10 years experience repairing, renovating and replacing Sash Windows with two missions in mind.

To be a high quality window repair and renovation service at competitive prices. 

To strive our passion for excellence and exceptional customer service.

We have 10 years experience maintaining Periodic Sash Windows and Casements. All our repairs and renovations are completed with high quality detail.

Our aim is to restore and renovate your periodic Sash Windows and maintain their original characteristics. We do this by using a Reddiseal Draught Proofing System, which will reduce outside noise levels and maintain more heat in your home which could reduce energy costs.



Other Services​
Spiral Balance Changes
Painted Shut/Stuck Windows
Putty Repairs
Broken Window Furniture
Sill Changes

Click on the pictures above for more information about our services. Any Questions please call our team on 07557149833 or you can email us on we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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